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On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If you did not found answer to your question, please contact us.


Your product seems too complicated.

Our product is actually very simple. Sign the order of bonds and pledge. Then you get diamonds and bonds. After five years, you give us back diamonds and we will give you back deposit and yield of 25%. For example, if you invest 500.000, - CZK, it will be paid after five years 625 000, - CZK.


I have already met with a purchase certified diamonds, but I'm afraid of liquidity.

Diamonds is only pledge. If you want to buy diamonds, contact Booler Diamonds LlC, where you can buy diamonds for the best prices.


What is the price of diamonds?

It is wholesale price. We take price from rappaport diamond report (internationally acclaimed wholesales prices).


The annual yield of 5% seems small. On the market are products with higher revenue.

Return of 5% per year is significantly higher than the negative interest on government bonds. It is higher than the offer of Banks. This decree we are able to achieve long-term diversification of the investment portfolio. We will not promise unrealistic returns tens of percent. Our product is unique because investors get pledge.


Why diamonds?

Diamond is an investment and a means of payment used for centuries and as one of the few commodities, its price rises in the long term. Diamond is also useful because it is a great value concentrated in a small size.


Why is part of your product's arrest?

JIt is to protect your investment, so any risk passes to us.


I fear that i break the diamond or lose.

For these cases, it is possible to agree on a custody bank in our bank deposit. If you invest millions of crowns, stones can be stored in a safe in the building of the Diamond Exchange in Israel.


What's the minimum amount I can invest?

100.000,-CZK, It is approximately 3704, - EUR, we accept payment in other currencies,


Is it possible to sell the bond before the due date?

Yes, the bond is a standard security if there is a situation in the future, it will need money from our bond, you can sell it.

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