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Why invest

Would you like to valorize your free financial resources and in doing so have their investments guaranteed? Do you have a bad experience with trade in capital markets because of time constraints, or lack of awareness? Are you looking for a conservative investment? You've come to the right place, read on.

Some reasons to invest with us

     • Elimination of risk
     • Interesting guaranteed return
     • Experience of the market with diamonds
     • Experience with licensed traders on financial markets
     • Diamond as guaranteed investment
     • The background and experience of multinational companies with international operations
     • Use of the bond as payment instrument

   Appreciation of financial assets in the equity and commodity markets is time consuming. It also carries certain risks that our product transmit to us. We save your time. We cooperate in this field with several important experts who each specializes in a particular commodity. Therefore, they are able to provide us with much information from their area of interest. Thanks to this we are able to guarantee superior long-term return of 5% per annum..

    An important part of our product is a pledge in the form of a certified diamond. The pledge keeps the client from the time of purchase the bond until its settlement. This makes our product unique and the only one of its kind 100% guaranteed. After many years of trading in diamonds, we decided bring to market this product, thanks to which we want to introduce the wider public.

    The bond has a maturity of 5 years, so our product is well suited for entrepreneurs and legal entities. Settlement of the product, we are able to arrange around the world eg. In London, New York, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong.

Here is short video tutorial

If you are interested in our product or have questions, please contact us via the contact form, or contact any one of our representatives. Answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQ section.


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